About Valeria

Valeria is the founder of Valeria's Secret. Valera's mother is a professional artist, so being surrounded by beautiful objects and pictures from a very young age, Valeria has developed a love for everything beautiful and well-made. Interestingly, one of her favourite childhood books was a book about gemstones that fascinated her mind with how scientifically sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful gems are. As she grew up, Valeria forgot about this passion and pursued a career in education, however, later in life, she had a calling.

Valeria came up with the idea of making jewellery and creating the brand in the spring of 2019 while doing her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at the University of Barcelona and teaching English. It all started because she wanted simple yet stunning diamond stud earrings. After shopping around she realized how pricey they can be and therefore she decided to make her own pair :). She felt she could learn to make them because she knew that the majority of her ancestors were artistically talented craftsmen. She was right; the pleasure of making jewellery was enormous but she also realized that she could offer the best quality products at the best prices on the market. On top of that, she was offering something priceless - her love and passion put into handmade pieces.

Valeria has found her calling in life which gave her an enormous relief, a surge of happiness, and transformed her entire life and personality. Valeria's Secret is filled with these emotions of the excitement of a discovery, the happiness of finding your true self, and the passion about practical beauty. Valeria knows the delight of wearing beautiful yet well-made jewellery and how it can transform one's life, so she wants as many people as possible to find their perfect pieces of jewellery too.

Valeria's Secret - Fine Jewellery heartmade 💕 in Bcn xxx 

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