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18K Solid Yellow gold or 18K Solid White gold stud earrings with Akoya Saltwater Pearls 7.5-8 mm. The simple stud design highlights the natural pearl beauty, without compromising on their presence. Push Back.


Japanese Akoya pearl stud earrings are timeless fashion icons. When people refer to the timelessness of jewelry, they most probably have Japanese Akoya pearl stud earrings in mind. These iconic studs are a “must-have” addition to any collection. Their simplicity and beauty are what makes them the best choice for everyday wear. They are famous for their luster and radiance, allowing every woman to glow when wearing them. Anyone who appreciates a pearl’s subtle yet profound beauty should have a pair of these. 


Pearls: Japanese Akoya

Luster: AAA

Color: White-Silver-Pink

Shape:  Round

Size: 7.5-8mm

Akoya Saltwater Pearl Stud Earrings 7.5-8mm

Earrings Backs
Gold & Platinum
  • Japanese Akoya Pearls are the best pearls on the market, favous for their superb quality. Akoya Pearls are known for their deep luster and vibrant color overtones. All of which indicate a thick and healthy nacre. We carefully select each pearl and sort them into the best possible pairs.

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